As a teacher, I value the exploration of concepts through imagery & fantasy, and the pushing of boundaries both mental and physical, to provide dancers with tools that develop their choice-making abilities and diversify their movement generation, all rooted in the potential for collaboration with others. My teaching stems from my own training but also is deeply rooted in life experience and curiosity. I value the individual background of my students, often jumping into class from where they are in life and in understanding of movement. I tend to teach mostly through the method of guided discovery, which allows students of all technical abilities to join, challenge their minds and take each exercise wherever it serves them best. Through this technique, dancers are able to navigate through the prompting of different body efforts, gazes of the eyes, and navigate their own emotional journey. This also offers the opportunity for the class to come together to share their unique experiences and what they noticed in others- expanding their perspectives beyond themselves. After taking my class I want students to be able to continue life-long pursuit of curiosity, and continue to explore movement from the isolation or layering of specific tasks, such as moving from muscles, bones, or skin, and exploring these ideas alone or together to create unique movement. My goal is always to provide dancers with the connection between the mind and body, allowing them to make choices and immediately feel, and enjoy, the sensation of their choice-making. I hope my students will feel inspired to integrate movement tasks into their improvisation and choreography and embark into the endless individualized possibilities within their own minds and bodies.